OTI Popping rod with a Saragosa reel

Discussion in 'Jigging and Popping' started by outofcontrol, Apr 27, 2008.

  1. outofcontrol

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    I picked up an OTI 7.5 50# rod the other day and finally got around to putting a reel on it this weekend. I was a little concered that the rod would not have enough backbone but after playing with it, it should do just fine. The heavier rod may be better for strickly tuna with larger baits, but I think that the 50# will be much more versatile. I went with the 14000 Saragosa so we will see how it holds up. I played with it a little this after noon and the reel/rod setup will easily handle more drag then I am comfortable with. After 20 pounds (on the reel only) you start to hear a weird noise, I think it is the little clicker that sounds off when line is going out under drag. Has anyone removed this on their reels?

    I also rigged up some stick baits I purchased from Anglers Pro, I went with 3/0 Gama trebles and some with VMC ringed 4/0. Is there anyone else out there that feels like they get better hook up ratios with single hooks?
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    For stick baits, smaller salt water trolling hard baits and smaller tuna clones I like what I was shown in HI in the 70's as Ahai hooks for the forward hook.

    Old school for sure but i like the way it will lay up against the lure.


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  3. Bellyups

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    I agree, the OTI 50 pound spinning rods seems very nice and versatile. I will try mine out in a couple weeks. I also have the 80, but I think the 80 will be best used with heavy poppers and heavier jigs.
  4. STx Fisherman

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    I used my OTI 80 lb. 5'6" rod with 7 oz. jigs and it works just fine. My guess is that it will work fine with the lighter jigs also.

    The Saragosa spinners seem to be very high quality reels. I have the 8000 model and am waiting to see how it performs. The 14000 is one strong reel...you'll like the power.
  5. outofcontrol

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    StxFisherman - yes the shorter rod feels very nice, have you ever notice the noise that I was refering to in the first post from you 8000?
  6. rtran

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    Yes, that weird noise is from the clicker.