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OTI Poppers

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Hey Chaps at OTI
Just like to say how impressed I am with the fixings you use on your lures. It is a real pleasure to see 'proper' split rings and hooks used as standard.:) :)
I can feel my card getting ready for some serious additional 'pain' :eek: in addition to whatever the 7.5 foot popping rod might cost.
Yep September is going to be an expensive month :eek: :cool:
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Jeremy: Lord, son-don't say "whatever the cost"! Make them think they have to price them lower than dirt so a poor boy like Uncle Russ can afford them! ;)

Still looking for a way to pay the third mortgage, I am:

Thanks Jeremy!

To make lures "ready to fish" out of the package is what we do!

We always would have to upgrade almost any lure we purchased (before we built the OTI line) before the thing even hit the water.

TJ and Rue have done an excellent job making sure our specs are exactly as we designed, but at an excellent value vs. you having to do it!

Uncle Russ: Only a third mortgage? :p I quit counting!:D
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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