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Finally got a chance to try the OTI Jigging rod I got at the Houston boat show. Some guys chartered the DSH boat on Friday for a bachelor party and had some people back out at the last minute, who hasn't had that happen.
I had been wanting to try out some new equipment so I signed up.

It was Brads birthday party. These were a great bunch of guys to fish with and Capt Kieth and his deckhand Steve,(hope I got the name right), were top notch. There were eight of us on the boat that holds 40. Plenty of room to fish. Left out at 6:30

Two hours after we left the dock, we were in the fish. I knew the BFT under the shrimper were bigger, but there stronger also. Very strong.

The seas had a gentle roll to them and the weather was excellent.

First drop a BFT and the second and the third and so on. I keep my drags on my kaikons locked out at 22lbs of drag and some of those BFT were pulling it. I caught about 4 BFT's and five Bonita and my arms couldn't take it anymore. Bonitas, you shouldn't have to work that hard to get something to the boat you can't eat. On the ninth fish my $7.00 generic jig got broke off, so I rested a while.

I traveled light and left a lot of my tackle at home, including my heavier jigs. I could have used them since the current was strong and the other jigs I tried had difficulty getting to the bottom.

We moved and the next boat same thing. We finally got tired of catching fish. We moved again for Kingfish. 15 minutes later had our limit and headed back.

Didn't stay out 12 hrs. but everyone felt we had enough fish. Was back at dock by 4.

Very productive day of fishing. We are suppose to be in the paper down there on Tuesday.

Tried some over the counter Motion Sickness medicine, didn't work. Did some chuggin over the rail, didn't stop my fishin though. I think I'm improving on my range. From now on I stay with the tried and proven patch, it works for me.

For those of you that have to wait until June to get an OTI jigger, all I can say is you will love it. I have the 400gm rod and it worked flawless. Can't wait to try it on some bigger prey, but from what I can see so far, i'll be ordering another one then. My son is eyeing this one anyway. Don't want to fight him over my rod, I would probably lose.

Going out again the 31st and 1st, maybe i'll get my chance then.

Here some Pics


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