OTI Foregrip problem

Discussion in 'Rods and Rod Blanks' started by copperhead, Oct 13, 2009.

  1. copperhead

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    Fought 150Lb+ YFT for 2 plus hours this weekend with OTI 7'6" popping rod. Covering over foregrip slipped down 2-3" and started to wrinkle at reel seat. I'm in Cabo and want to fish with it again but way uncomfortable. Rod is only a few weeks old as I bought it for this trip. Would I void warranty if I removed the wrinkled covering? Any other ideas? Really want to catch big YFT here with it, but cannot fight very long with grip as is. What to do?

    LEXPRO Senior Member

    If it was me and it would be better fishing with it off. I would just take pictures of the way it was before you pulled it off... and keep the part removed and exchange that way and use pictures to show dealer or manufacturer how it failed.

  3. kidflex

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    tj is a stand up guy and stands behind his products. he'll take care of for sure
  4. Boston Tangler

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    Copperhead I do believe factory acknowledges an issue with some early models where the amount of glue was cut to save weight and proved to be insuff.

    Its my understanding that the factory will replace the rod N/C and Brett has encouraged me to do the same with one of mine that I experienced some twisting, less than you described, while landing a 65" BFT this summer.

    I would not think you should cut off the grip as its going to be pretty uncomfortable on the hands to fight one with no padding. Can you get a hold of some type of wrapping tape maybe a golf pro shop or tennis shop and wrap it very tightly over the factory grip to hold you over ?
  5. BretABaker

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    if you want to take it off no worries, go ahead and do so. the warranty still stands.

    email me at [email protected] with your address and ill let you know how you can return it once you hit the states again :)
  6. CaptEddie

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    Actually I took that grip off all of mine and it is regular Eva foam underneath and I kinda preferred it that way
  7. copperhead

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    Capt. Eddie I think I would also like the foregrip that way. My hands are on the small side and I think it would "fit" me better. Did you have any issues with adhesive on the EVA foam?