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  1. north coast

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    OK,So after a little research, I discovered that an OTI rod supposedly won't accomadate a fin-nor Reel. Is this for real? I don't understand. Can anyone tell me why? I have a couple fin-nors and was planning to use one on An OTI.If this is true do you suppose that there is any way to alter the reel or the seat to make it fit?
  2. SpecialK

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    I was not aware of that... Do you already have the Fin Nor? If not I would look into another reel...

  3. SkeeterRonnie

    SkeeterRonnie Senior Member

    I would alter the reel foot if I had to... or just buy a spheros and upgrade the washers and handle.
  4. north coast

    north coast Senior Member

    have you checked the specifications on the OTI website , I believe it mentions the size of the reel seat each rod has & which reel would or not fit.

    Yea, this is where I saw that. I think it said that that penn and fin-nor wouldn't fit. I was just wondering why.

    SpecialK: Yea ,I already have the fin-nor ,And I like the reel. It has taken many tuna, some over 100, without problems.Course I would love to be using a Stella,But for now The fin-nor is it.

    Skeeter:Altering the reel is what I'm thinking. I just don't know why it won't fit ,so I don't know how much or how I would go about this.
  5. north coast

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    What happen is that the rods have a fuji #22 reel seat & the fin nor foot its made for a # 24 reel seat. Here its what you need to do as Ronnie mentioned , alter the foot to the exact measure of the ID from the reel seat. Do i make sense

    Yea Mad, That makes sense. It's what I was thinking originally. I just don't know if I would have to take off so much that it would weaken the reel foot.
    I'm thinking that this should work fine. I just didn't want to buy the rod only to find out I can't use it till I buy a very expensive (stella)reel to go with it.

    thanks guys
  6. shanker

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    really and truly, I would use something other than a Fin Nor...I dont like mine at all.

    I would consider it too heavy for an OTI popping rod, a Spheros would be a great combo, or a stella if you wanted to spend lots of $.

    I got caught up in the hype when they first came out...bought it based on spec's alone :(
  7. north coast

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    Ok, so I bought a new g3 60-100 oti spinning rod today, and both my fin-nor reels fit on the rod just fine. I don't know why they put this in the rod description. maybe they went to a 24 seat? instead of the 22. I couldn't tell ,but if I had to guess I would say that it is still the 22. but the reels still fit just fine.What a sweet little stick. now I can't wait to go pull on charlie.:)
  8. SeaWolf

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    if it's a fuji reel seat, which is what they use i believe, if you back off the reel seat tightening knob, on the top side of the seat in the grove you'll see a number designating the size. i believe the problem is not fuji's graphite reel seats handling certain larger footed reels as much as it is aluminum reel seats handling these reels. most oti's are using size 22's i think, but i have seen some w/ size 20s.