OTI DepthFinder Line & Leader Questions

Discussion in 'Jigging and Popping' started by hawgs, Feb 17, 2009.

  1. hawgs

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    I'm finally ordering a jigging setup after talking about doing so for months. I am going with a Accurate B2-665N on a OTI 5'6" jigging rod. This will be my first jigging setup and I have some pretty basic (stupid?) questions...

    1. Is the OTI DepthFinder Line sold in 100 yard spools? So if you were to spool a reel with 500 yards, you'd be tieing 100 yard spools together? If that's the case, what knots are suggested?

    2. I'll be jigging for tuna and amberjack this summer... what size wind-on leader would be advisable?

    3. Snap swivel from the leader to the jig, correct?

    I searched around and didn't find the answers to these. Sorry for the stupid questions... but have to learn sometime. :)

  2. paul708

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    the OTI line comes all together. no tying, you can buy 500yds or what ever you need.
    yes it is 100yd spools, we get 12 spools all connected, 1200yds..and cut off exactly what you need.
    i usuallay dont use a snap swivel.
    i use 80# leader for tuna, havent tried the wind on for jigging yet.

  3. BretABaker

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    you can get it in increments of 100yds, meaning if you choose to order 500yds then it will come in 500 straight yards, no tying required.

    you can also spool with 400yds of some other braid (tuffline, jb, izor) then put 100yds of OTI on top if you'd like.

    if you fish off of texas, 80 lb leader should be fine for tuna. on a conventional reel i would recommend fluorocarbon.....others will recommend leaders like varivas and fisherman as well. i use those as well and they've worked well. you choose there, whichever you prefer. i like starting with 10-20' since you'll inevitably cut some off by re-tying or whatever.

    for amberjack around a rig its tough with any weight leader if they wrap you around a pole. they arent picky so you can go heavier. the wind-on vs P.R. or mid knot debate is pretty hot now so youll see things both ways.

    either tie right to the jig or to a swivel/split ring. i havent used a snap swivel since id be worried about it opening up.
  4. MrBill

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    Like Bret said, just top off the top with about 125 to 150 yards of Depthfinder line. The nice thing about it is the markings in "Feet", not meters.
    It's also very soft to the touch and ties a great uni to uni when making a connection to your other braid underneath it. I like to attach about 15' of fluorocarbon to the depthfinder line for the final top off.

    Once you mark the fish or find the strike zone, just count the colors on the drop. Every color change on the Depthfinder line is 25'. It's a home run every drop if a lot of fish are present. You will out-catch everybody on the boat because you are starting your jigging in the strike zone every time.

    Just tie the line direct to the solid ring on all jigs with the seldom exception of diamond jigs. I sometimes use a barrel swivel ( NOT snap swivel) on diamond jigs as they spiral so much while jigging. This causes line twist. Tie your live direct to the barrel swivel.

    Rig like this: Diamond jig, split ring, solid ring with assist hook, another split ring to the barrel and then line to barrel swivel. I really don't like a treble on my diamond jigs, but will sometimes use them. I find the treble hook on the bottom of the diamond jig getting caught on the main fishing line quite often. I haven't really noticed any real big difference in the catch ratio using trebles vs dancing assist hooks on diamonds. Fighting a fish with the treble or single hook attached to the bottom of a jig also gives a leverage advantage to the fish.
  5. BretABaker

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    hook rigging varies a lot from guy to guy. on hammered diamond jigs i like a 8/0 siwash on the bottom. just try it all and see what works best for you.

    also, make sure your hooks are strong.