OTI 7'6" popping rod reels

Discussion in 'Jigging and Popping' started by hamptonsurf, Sep 22, 2009.

  1. hamptonsurf

    hamptonsurf Senior Member

    Is it true that the OTI popping rod does not fit a Penn or FinNor spinning reel? Was looking to pick up a cheaper alternative for the last few outings of the year...then upgrade over winter. Not going to buy either if they won't fit the rod.

    I think I should have put different line on my saragosa. Has 80lb hollow power pro for jigging, but I expect it will cast like bailing twine.
  2. hamptonsurf

    hamptonsurf Senior Member

    I wonder why they did that.....seems odd.

  3. d-a

    d-a Senior Member

    They will fit, but the wider foot on the Penn and others will not fit fully. I have used a Penn 950ss on one of mine with out any difficultys

  4. north coast

    north coast Senior Member

    I asked this same question a month or so ago. I almost didn't buy an OTI because of it. I was planning on using a fin nor OFS95. When I got the rod home, I was happy to see that it did in fact fit.I'm using a stella on the rod now anyway, but I think you'll find those reels will actually fit.
  5. hamptonsurf

    hamptonsurf Senior Member

    Thanks guys. I just bought another saragosa...but it isn't here yet. Rather than get another, i thiught I'd buy a "cheaper alternative" until it arrives. I guss the only way to really tell is to buy one and try it.
  6. silky23

    silky23 Senior Member

    I've had my Quantum's in that reel seat and haven't had a problem yet. They seem to fit in there good and snug w/out an side woble.
  7. A.whitman

    A.whitman Senior Member

    22 is much better than the 20 fuji reel seats. i lost a cabo 80 when it popped out of my size 20 reel seat. I think Oti is just covering their bases in saying that it wont fully fit in a size 22. a good call to advertise it if you ask me.