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Discussion in 'Rods and Rod Blanks' started by NEMO, Nov 17, 2007.

  1. NEMO

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    Everyone is talking about them so I finnaly got a OTI 7' Popping Rod from Mike's in Houston and rigged it with a Stella 20000. Going out of DSH on a 48 hour for YFT, so how would you guys rig it with, line etc.
  2. Snagged

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    65# JB solid, a bead, a 200# SPRO swivel and about 2 feet of 80# mono.
    If less concerned about distance (IE: catching fish) 85# JB spectra.

  3. TeamOso

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    quite the setup
  4. Ragman

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    I've got mine loaded with an 8000SW and 65# JB solid for throwing topwaters, but I don't use the swivel to attach my leader.

    65# usually allows for greater casting distance -compared to 80#- and more line capacity.

    If you don't have a second spool, you should consider trying the 80# DepthFinder line in order to pull double duty with the same spool.

    Our 80# is so supple that you could probably cast as far as JB 65# solid.

    I don't know for sure, but it could be worth it if you don't already have the other spool.
  5. sami G

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    if you're after popping i believe you have the wrong set up.
    the 20000 stella have a low gear ratio.making that reel the ideal reel for jigging and not popping.you have to go with high gear ratio,sw 10000hg,or sw8000 hg.
    or you might want to consider the daiwa dogfight or the daiwa 6000 GT.
    anyway if you have to use it,your best set up will be,
    tie a PR knot, braid to shock leader,make sure your shock leader is rapped up 2 turn on the spool,this way when you cast your finger tip is on the mono leader.then at the end of the shock leader tie a solid ring,out of the solid ring
    connect a split ring.and have a split ring plier handy to change lure.
    that is you ticket to land a big fish.
    good luck
  6. Minnow

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    i don't think popping for yft tuna you will need a high speed reel. In many occasions I just let the popper rest and yft still strike non moving popper. JMO
  7. sami G

    sami G Site Sponsor

    did you ever use stickbait?
  8. Minnow

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  9. sami G

    sami G Site Sponsor

    so if you did
    do you still feel working a stick bait using a low gear ratio will put you in better striking position then a high speed reel?
    it is all about imitating an injured fleeying fish,isn't it?
    i am not saying you w'ont get a strike with a slow retrieve,
    tuna is a fast predator as we all know, the high gear ratio work your lure better, beside of that your picking up line faster, so if you would like to realease that fish it might have a better survival rate, the faster you land the fish the better it taste and it is much easier on the fish to retain it is strengh to fight onther day.
  10. tunacrazy

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    With all reel choices there are trade offs, highspeed reels do pick-up line quicker but also have less cranking power at higher drag setings. But we are talking smaller reels to get the higher gear ratios,which also means less line to have in case that fish of a life time comes along. With the 20K, it picks up 41 inches of line per crank and the 10k- 47 inches. So you will have to make a crank and a 1/4 to pick-up the same amount of line with the 20K. The 20k also can handle 80 spectra with getting into line cap. issues. Both reels will do the job it's just matter of what a guy wants.
  11. Minnow

    Minnow Administrator

    I agree with you on high speed reel will move the lure faster, but it's not the case for GOM tuna fishing. For GT and other species you might want to move your lure as fast as possible. For Gulf tuna I think slower retreive will result more yft strike than fast moving lure.

    You have an upcoming fishing trip to the Gulf, try it out for your self. In my opinion if you move your lure too fast, blackfin tuna will get to it first ( most of the time) than yft. Blackfin tuna is more agile than yft.

    On the private boat, realeasing tuna should not be a problem, but on the party boat it's almost impossible.
  12. sami G

    sami G Site Sponsor

    i've been in the GOM and i did better then anybody else on the previous trip using the same technique that i am reffering to on the thread. i beleive in adjustement, and i am in open minded person.
    looking at other and learning is the key.
    take a look at the japanese anglers and see the way they fish and score.
    again nothing is wrong on using a 20000 for popping but this reel is not made to pop with.
    with respect to all of you
  13. ksong

    ksong SPONSOR

    Tuna can accomodate your taste. :) They hit fast moving jigs or poppers as well as slow moving jigs and poppers.
    While Sami had a great suceess by cranking fast with swimbait or stickbait, many fishermen who fish bluefin tuna in Cape Cod Bay have had success with twitching and pausing techniques too. I had pretty good success with twitching and pausing technique even though I used a Saltist 40 conventional reel on the GOM trip in June.
    4.4:1 of Stella 20000 was regarded as high gear ratio not long ago. ;)
    The bigger the tuna are, the faster you can land them with lower gear ratio reels.

    It is believed that you get tired easily with lower gear ratio spinning reels when you cast all day.
  14. ksong

    ksong SPONSOR

    i've been in the GOM and i did better then anybody else on the previous trip using the same technique that i am reffering to on the thread.
    Sami, you would have had the same results even you have used Stella 20000 as you worked harder than anybody on the boat. :)
    I always believe that it is not the gears, but the determination and hard work of an angler determine the results. :)
  15. sami G

    sami G Site Sponsor

    i will agree with you to a certain point,with respect
    but i beleive in using the right gear, and if people are a bit tough to be convinced. then no problem, we let the report and the picture speak for them self. i wish you luck on your comming trip.
  16. SkeeterRonnie

    SkeeterRonnie Senior Member

    my preference would be the lower gear, so I can get more cranking power on a large tuna.... I can just reel a little faster... But my poppers always sit right after I give em a big pop... so the high speed would only hinder my ability to "winch" in a larger tuna if we came to a "stand off".... :)