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    I received my new OTI custom rod yesterday. I purchased a new 2nd generation OTI blank and had Txseadog build it for me. He's built me around a half dozen rods and I've be pleased every time. The new 2nd generation OTI blank is the same one used on their new production rods. I liked the first version, but this one is a vast improvement.

    It made from prepreg fibers. Prepreg is short for pre-impregnated. It's already impregnated with a synthetic resin prior to fabrication.The prepreg sheets are a form of a weave or uni-directional pattern. They already contain an amount of the matrix material used to bond them together during the manufactureing process. Heat is required to make the sheets flexible before rolling them into fishing rods.

    This blank is made in Japan where the jigging craze started. The Japanese are well ahead of the US in jigging rod designs and manufacturing processes. They love short, thin and light rods that bend and have a lot of power. There is a good reason for their obsession. Jigging works. These Japanese rod designers have come up with some great functional rods for their angler's.

    These are the specs of the OTI I had fabricated for me. Same as their production rods.
    Length: 5'6"
    Line Weight: 60-80lb
    Lure Weight: 600g
    Max. Drag: 30lb
    Action: Medium

    Every quality jigging rod I see has a Fuji reel seat. They are light and most people love them. I'm a metal guy. Weight doesn't mean a whole lot to me. I normally have my rods built with Aftco reel seats. This time I decided to use the ALPS centra-lock aluminum reel seat. I'm glad I did. It's awesome. It has a design in the seat that accepts the shape of the reel foots found on most high end reel manufacturers. The round rod rings are easy to tighten up with their cog wheel design. I choose the silver mill finish because I will be parking an Accurate reel on this rod. The ALPS reel seats are available in different colors for you bling guys.

    I am very familiar with these high tech jigging rods as I own Jigging Master's, Tuna Max, OTI, Zenaq, Carpenter, Genesis and others. I probably have at least a dozen of these new style high quality rods. These are all great rods. I nothing bad to say about any of them. In fact, I've had great experiences with all the dealers that carry these rods. Anglers Pro Shop, OTI dealers, or Kilsongs Jigging World. They have all been first class. I've never met any of these guys, but maybe someday I will be able to fish with them.

    This rod has a 14" rear grip and a 10" hypalon fore grip. Guides are Fuji MNSG's. The gimbal is ALPS. I normally use a gold over black wrap. This time I wanted a silver accent over the black. Txseadog surprised me with a black over silver tiger wrap between the 1st and 2nd guide. Very nice. Not gaudy and this conservative guy likes it.

    I love the way the Accurate B2-30 mounts on the ALPS reel seat. Tight as a drum. No wiggle or play. The machine-ing of the reel seat and reel seat foot was perfect. Here's some picture of this new rod made from the new 2nd generation OTI 600g blank.

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  2. MrBill

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    More pics.

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  3. MrBill

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    More Pics

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  4. STx Fisherman

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    Great setup.....I bet that will be one heck of a jigging machine.
  5. feeder

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    That is a nice looking rod there Mr Bill. I'm with you on the metal reel seats.

    Great work on the tiger wraps Txseadog.
  6. MrBill

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    These are some stress test of the rod. I use iron window sash weights for my lifting test. I placed a rod huki on the gimbal and parked it in my hip.

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  7. paul708

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    nice rod,
    thanks for the pics
  8. rtran

    rtran Senior Member

    nice rod mrbill
  9. Bellyups

    Bellyups Senior Member

    Looks great!!! Kevin does awesome work.
  10. BretABaker

    BretABaker Guest

    very nice rod.....the bend at 20lbs looks very good. though i'm actually in favor of graphite real seats. it hsa nothing to do with weight for me. i have a metal seat on my OTI and yes it works great...no problems.

    however, i just don't think it's as comfortable to have your hand holding the metal all day long and jigging, at least on a spinner. this is the same reason i dont use a reel clamp on jigging rods.
  11. MrBill

    MrBill Senior Member

    When rods talk to me, most of the time is the plastic reel seats screaming for mercy. Aluminum stays quiet.:)

    Maybe I need a plastic woman.:)
  12. Pope

    Pope Senior Member

    Great looking and performing rod! Good luck with the plastic woman. ;)
  13. SkeeterRonnie

    SkeeterRonnie Senior Member

    awesome! i just dropped a blank off at Kevins house earlier for my next topwater rod :) My jiggin rod will definately be an OTI 600 gram :)
  14. Snagged

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    very nice looking rod and good load pictures.
  15. atunatado

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    Im curious,
    why no acid wrap on a custom jigging rod?
  16. MrBill

    MrBill Senior Member

    I'm curious,
    why no acid wrap on a custom jigging rod?

    I don't think an acid wrap is all that it's made out to be. I've fished with them and had some custom made in the past. Some people like them, so don't. I'm one of those guys that doesn't see any advantage to a acid wrap.

    I don't like having the line under the rod on a conventional setup. I've lost fish because of the line rubbing on either the gunnel or getting around those big outboard motors sticking out to china. To each his own.:D
  17. SkeeterRonnie

    SkeeterRonnie Senior Member

    i have an acid wrapped crankbait rod for bass fishing, I have tried and tried and still cant get used to it... its just a mind warp for me with the line upside down :)
  18. BretABaker

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    i felt the same way.....but after fighting with the JM rods and watching other rods take a lot of abuse i think the regular fugi reel seats are fine. that being said, there is no disadvantage preformance-wise in the metal since you don't care about the tiny bit of weight it adds.

    this rod looks very strong. look at 30lbs lift. the line isnt touching the grip, and the rod isn't bending at the reel. very strong blank....and good eye placement.
  19. MrBill

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    Remember, this rod is the traditional 5'6". Some of newer rods are very short. 4'8" to 5'. That's fine if you are fishing on a private boat. I have a few those sawed-off-shotgun type rods. They give a lot of power, but the short length has it's drawbacks. And, at times they come in handy. You can't live with just one jigging rod.:)

    One note about jigging rods. Pick the length, gram rating and action for the jigs and fish you are targeting. Taking this rod out for snapper fishing would be overkill. This is a rod for targeting large fish such as tuna and deep dropping heavy jigs for grouper and big Amberjacks. Great lifting power. I went over to a friends house this afternoon with this rod. We got on his second floor balcony and cranked up a plastic 5 gallon gas can with 4 1/2 gallons of water. 4.5gal x 8.3lbs + 1lb for container = 38.35 pounds.:eek: OTI has put a 80# rating on the rod. That means 80 divided by 3 equal 26.66 pounds. That's a lot of drag to be fishing and this rod can take it.

    If this blank was cut down to 4'8" you could probably pull up sinker logs from the bottom of the Mississippi river.:) (Just a little inside joke with me and some friends) We had a guy spend over two hours on a log once.:D

    I might add that with any high quality rod, don't high stick. High sticking a rod is not good for anyone. It's hard on the rod and yourself. It's also a good way to snap a nice fishing rod. I would say that 90% of snapped rods come from high sticking.
  20. Bret

    Bret Senior Member

    Good looking rod Mr Bill. I was very impressed when I pulled on that blank..
    lots of power and very light... Kevin did a great job on the rod as usuall!