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I just donated 1239.00 to Jual Reels (Perintis Sarana Pancing) and was a fool. I am changing the account number of my bank- so far I have not been robbed of more than I donated. I was only hoping to buy 6 reels, sell 5 and have one for me. Alas.

I have since done a lot of homework and one thing to ask in these things is for a list of three references from the the U.S. with phone numbers. The other might be, and admittedly I don't know how it works, is to use an escrow company. There are several trading websites--alibaba.com-- is one and Perintis Sarana Pancing was once listed there and is now gone.

The jualreels.com website is slick as a button, but once I posted my wire transfer, I have not heard a word.

I pray I don't lose my life savings. There is a real Perintis Sarana Pancing who manufacture fishing hooks in Indonesia, I called them and that was a real treat-- the lady I spoke with felt compassion for me too, but the number for jualreels (011-62-61-777-25538) puts you into an automated voice in Indonesian. I have no idea what it said. I dang skippy never spoke to a human.

Ronald R., sales manager, was very nice until he had my money.

If my reels show up, I will post back. He has been in business since 2000. I figured it was okay. Welcome to the world of international commerce.

shoot me an e-mail if you have any more questions.
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