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Wife and I, and daughter and Niece are thinking about a vacation there towards the end of summer. Wife says the white sand beaches are excellent..... heck with that crap!! Hows the fishing?????? whats the main target during daylight hours? and are their partyboats to jump on in case I am the only one interested?:D

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there is acool tackle shop there. Ask Deep Sea gull that is his neck o the woods.

Yeah ronnie, you need to check out J&M Tackle... They have all the Schizzle and fajizzle you could ever want...... (except OTI tackle .. ofcourse)

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Forget about Orange Beach and Gulf Shores. We prefer to stay on Dauphin Island. We fish in the canal, off the beach and from the pier. We charter with Capt Chris Dalton...
The Charterboat MAR-T - We hope to hear from you.
They are out of DI Marina. Other boats there too. I think that Mike Theirry runs a walk on charter. The Lady Ann.
Here's the link for the Lady Ann Charter fishing with Capt. Mike out of Dauphin Island, AL

Jeff Theirry runs the Striker but I think that he is still using the website on that LA board under the name of Dorado.

For redfish and inshore species.... index.htm
Capt Don Holloway

Look for realtors on Dauphin Island. It's accross Mobile Bay from OB/GS.
A complete directory for Dauphin Island, Alabama.
Map to Dauphin Island, Alabama

Houses with canal access are available reasonably. They are private and peaceful. We caught blue crab, croakers, pinfish, flounder, sea trout and redfish. You can get beach side houses for extra money.

Zeke's can put you on a walk on charter. Call before you leave home to see about what they can offer. You can usually get a trip on a Saturday. The only problem is that you are well over an hour away if you stay on DI. You have to go around the bay. The ferry does not operate in the wee morning nor night time hours.
San Roc Cay and the municipal marina in OB have charter boats and private fishermen.

J&M Tackle is on Canal St in OB. They have a strong offshore selection. They can repair rods/reels and rig lures in house.

I 'll think later about what I omitted... Edited...
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