Opinions on Quantum Boca Jigging Rod?

Discussion in 'Reels' started by Cubano, Jul 5, 2008.

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    As I mentioned in the previous post I'm going on a 1.5 day fishing trip out of San Diego (fishing for mainly Albacore) and would like to give butterfly jigging a try. I have a 7' Shimano Trevala (first generation) rated for 20 to 50 lb braided and a Quantum Cabo 80 PTs spooled with 65 lb braided. From what I have heard on this forum, the Trevalla line is not a favorite, so I was thinking about purchasing a Quantum Boca jigging rod (BCS60-325 Jiggin' 6'0" 40 - 100 lb braided 250 - 500 grams lure weight). I was wondering what your opinions are on the Boca?

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    Get the Boca as it is a very good rod. I bought the 4'10" 400g and 5'6" 500g and am very happy with both. They have good stiffness and backbone. And yes, Trevalas are not favorites for big offshore fish especially if fishing on partyboats. If not the Boca, consider a Hopper, as it is also a very good rod.

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    Boca Jigging Spin Rod PT-X Graphite 6' 40-100 Braid 250-500gram, BCS60-325, @ around $90 is a great rod for the price.
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    I have the rod you mentioned above and also have the spinning version.

    I like them both.