Opinions on all the rain

Discussion in 'Freshwater fishing reports' started by Pope, Jun 29, 2007.

  1. Pope

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    What do you guys think is going to happen to all the fish in the lakes around North and Central Texas? I like to catch smallmouth below whitney, I bet they have been washed away. With flood gates open I bet we are going to lose some of our open water fish like stripers, sandies, etc. I guess I will be able to fish Cooper again though.
  2. Snagged

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    Been through flood control in Missouri and the end effect was no real change other than some different structure underwater.

  3. Deep_Sea_Gull

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    Send the rain to GA and AL....

    Snagged is right about the fish staying mostly in place. The logs will find new places to jam and can create a boating hazard.
  4. Ragman

    Ragman Moderator

    I'd think that most of the adult fish would be smart enough to avoid the current and get pulled in.

    But I bet much of the fry and fingerlings get sucked down!

    I'd love to go fish below the spillway of PK or Whitney right now! OMG!!!
  5. Pope

    Pope Senior Member

    I'd think that most of the adult fish would be smart enough to avoid the current and get pulled in.

    But I bet much of the fry and fingerlings get sucked down!

    I'd love to go fish below the spillway of PK or Whitney right now! OMG!!!
    Get your kayak out and go with me next month. I am going to try it out and see if the smallies made it.
  6. Ragman

    Ragman Moderator

    I'm in! I don't have a yak, but I can trek through anything to get to water! And then I could wade just far enough off the bank to be able to cast.

    Let me know when you're going so I can arrange my schedule (if it's during the week).
  7. Pope

    Pope Senior Member

    You can't tread through this. It is all private land and its fiercely protected. Anyone have a yak for Ragman to barrow? I think PiePuncher does, but I have not heard from him. Where is he?
  8. Fishhead56

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    Thoughts on the rain from a different area,

    Lower bay reefs, spoils and jetties are all still holding the fish that I think would of been moving up to Trinity bay by now.
    But AM storms w\thunder and that electric stuff is making it hard to plan and get out.
    In past years when the June rain pattern slowed Tarpon have slipped up into lower bay areas in July.

    The Mosquitos have stayed litght for some reason dispite standing water all month. Maybe due to the cold snap last winter.

    The lease is Green, Green. North of Victoria on the Grcitas Creek.
    The Ranch land I've seen from the highway during trips down to Mansfield
    is very Green and has lots of standing water.

    Fresh water run off into the Laguna Madre this time of year is allways a good thing I would think.

    So another sunday am with thunder boomers out side and me on the C-puter.

    : (

  9. PiePuncher

    PiePuncher Senior Member

    Whats up guys, its been forever since posting or getting on the site. Been busy with the little dude and wife. Plus have been fishing everyday and havent had time to get on-line.
    The fishing has been unreal, even with all this rain. Its almost as if the rain has turned the fish on due to the cooler surface temps. I was fishing benbrook and lewisville every day and was killing the BIG hybrids. The action was non stop on large gizzard shad. I fished in the rain everyday and then all of a sudden I think last week, the lakes rose about 6ft in one night. I fished benbrook up until July 4th(when they kicked me off) and the fishing could not have been better. Sandies and hybrids all over the surface. Lewisville slowed about two weeks ago after the first bout of big rain but before that you would catch as soon as the gizzard hit the bottom. 20+ big hybrids up to 9lbs was an easy day.
    I think as someone else stated that most of the fish will stay put but I am sure that some of them will get washed away, especially the smaller fish. Texoma Flooded back in 1990 I believe and the fishing was awesome back then, especially below the dam. The fishing below the dam should be good for a while, assuming that it is fishable.
    I think fishing below the dams on many of the lakes will be good for a while. Before things got too bad, I had some friends that were killing the stripes below Granbury. Granbury should be on fire below the dam after they close a few gates.
    All in all, fishing has been awesome over the past few weeks and even months. The past few days I have been fishing eagle mountain for sandies and they have been all over the surface. Once Texoma and LL open back up, you can count me in. Cedar creek this weekend and then I guess next week will be a bridgeport week(if they open it back up). They closed bridgeport and it is only 3ft above pool level... weak!!! Also scheduled a trip to the coast for the weekend of july 28th.

    Ross, (if you read this) when is the trip to Port Mansfield?? August? I will need an excuse to get out again soon after the trip on the 28th.

    Brandon, I have not used a yak or canoe since I got the new boat. The electronics and depth finder make for some very easy fishing. I wouldnt mind doing a trip down the broken bow sometime or down the little red river in arkansas. The oklahoma trip would be closer though. Do a little trout fishing and enjoy the cold water!!!

  10. Ragman

    Ragman Moderator

    Hey PP!

    Have you still been catching those redfish in freshwater?