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Discussion in 'Jigging and Popping' started by MB19565, Jun 30, 2020.

  1. MB19565

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    I live in NH and have put together my first set up to chase inshore BFT. Expanding from Striped Bass along the coast of Northern MA NH. and southern Maine. Targeting schooling fish under 100lbs within 10 miles of the coast. Planning on mostly popping but want the option to jig.

    Saragossa 10000

    Shimano Tallis blue water series. 7’ 2” extra heavy, fast action. Line wt 65-200lb

    65# power pro. I have 60# Fluoro tied on with an FG knot

    Interested in your opinions of how this set up will perform for this use scenario? What if anything would you change? The Saragossa was really the limit on what I was willing to spend on a reel as I had about a $500 budget.

    thanks in advance for any thoughts/advice that you have.
  2. Stevo

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    You should be good for fish under and at the 100 lb mark
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  3. tugasangler

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    You’ll be ok but much happier with a Stella in my opinion than the saragoss for those sizes of fish in that size reel. Also with the Stella you can have the 10k size with 16k sz spool for more like capacity and drag . In the event you a bigger fish swimming amongst them bites
  4. C7272

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    That setup sounds fine, I use a Spinfisher V 6500 with 50lb jbraid and 60lb fluro on a cheap Okuma popping rod. Has worked fine on the run and gun trips I've tagged along targetting smaller tuna (landed tuna up to 62lb without a problem). The long rod makes jigging a chore but it's fine for short periods of time.
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  5. Lilmie28

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    Yes with the stella u could have the option for a bigger spool. But then budget is a bit off
  6. manu

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    I have used similar setup in Panama and I am happy with it. (Saragossa 10000, Tallus Bluewater 7'2" MH, Momoi 65lb solid and Yo-zuri 80lb tied to a bimini). For throwing poppers is Ok for me, but can't tell you about jigging since I never tried it with this setup.
  7. Chan

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    You should be okay with it until you hit the big one. But since you are going to be on a boat, you always can go after the fish even if you are running out of line. Have used the Saragosa 10000 with pe6 / 80Lb line extensively for jigging in andamans targeting dogtooths. It has worked for me very well. I have recently upgraded to a Saltiga for jigging and this Saragosa has become my go to reel with 60lb line for yellow fin tuna upto 50-60lb.
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  8. jiggingnut

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    If I remember correctly, 16K SOM and Jigging Master spools also fit the 8 & 10K Saragossa SW and Spheros SW.
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  9. Chan

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    Didnt know that. Time to upgrade the spool on my Saragosa then! Can hold crazy line for shore based tuna also I guess!
  10. nicknotsebast

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    if you can keep it to <100# in your area you'll be fine. i use similar S of Long Island for that size often, but for off Cape Cod or further N i use and recommend something beefier. in your budget, a good used gossa 20 or 25k on a Terez or a van staal (rod) w/ 80# and 100# leader.