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Got the invite from a buddy ("Fannin" or Corpusfishing, E.C and 2cool), to come up to his ranch outside of Goliad for opening weekend and shoot a doe or spike and of course I accepted. Had a great dinner in El Campo at a place called Greek Brothers and spent the evening watching the fog get thicker and thicker. We woke up early saturday morning and got to the blinds before daylight. I heard my feeder go off around 7am but could barley see the feeder through the fog. about 8am I got a text message from my buddy and his feeder had never gone off so he decided to drive around the ranch for a while and check some of the other feeders. I had a few small does come to the feeder, nothin worth shooting though plus I could barley see the deer at the feeder through the fog. He picked me up around 930 and we went into goliad and got breakfast and heard from a few other hunters they had the same problem with the fog that we did.

Got back to the ranch and shot some rifles at a couple pumpkins I picked up at HEB (free leftovers from halloween) then filled up the feeders and then just relaxed for the rest of the afternoon.

That evening we noticed there were some dove flying so we decided to dove hunt saturday evening instead of sitting in blinds again. Between me my buddy and his dad we got 17 with a couple of others we couldnt find in the tall grass with most of the birds flying about 10 or 15 minutes before the sun went down.

We planned to get up Sunday morning but we woke up to find out the fog was even thicker than Saturday morning so we just slept in and had a good breakfast, took care of some chores then headed home.

It was a great trip, no one killed a deer but the season is just starting and we had a great time shooting birds and just being outside.

Here are a few pics from the trip:

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