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I wasnt sure if I was going to make it this weekend, but my daughter's tonsilectomy went smooth and Betsi allowed me to go... So with much anticipation, Bob and I loaded up and headed to Windthorst Friday evening.
We went out to corn the roads about 9.45 (right after the moon came up) and sure enough we see big boy..(foreshadowing)
Get back to camp and get ready for sat morning.. sure enough 5.15 wake up, quick camp shower and off to my favorite tree to start the season. I ease down the draw and spook two deer, I get into my stand by 5.45 and not 5mins later a buck come right under my stand and starts munching on buck grub.. soon another small buck comes out... they spar 10yds in front of me for 20 mins. then they are gone..(this is all before the sun comes up) Then the sun come up and I am covered up with crows.... and thats it..
back to camp,Bob didnt see much either except a skunk... I change clothes and fish for a bit...catch a decent bass...did some chores...
We head out for the evening hunt around 6 and had 2more bucks,2 does and a yearling.. Nothing to shoot.. Thats it.. Bob saw a couple of does.. Sun morning same thing.. I see one of the small bucks.. Bob sees that skunk again.. I think I see a pattern.......That Moon has the deer feeding at night and now with the acorns dropping they wont likely be hitting the corn feeders until they are all gone..
I was nice to get out and breath some fresh air and relax..


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