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Discussion in 'Boat Pooling' started by Black Rose, Feb 10, 2018.

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    From time to time I run open boats around Cape Cod. Sometimes I get a bug up my butt and I say “I think I will set a date for an open boat and build a trip around that date.” Other times, customers call up and request an open boat. Either way, they are usually fun.

    Two things: I have some dates on the books already and I have some questions for you all...

    April 15, haddock from Green Harbor
    Sat/Sunday May 12/13(Mother’s Day) haddock/porbeagle from Green Harbor.

    I’ve run a lot of open boat tuna trips in the past. I think it’s best for run+gun fishing. The excitement of the guys (and gals) who do these trips really drives this sport. Most anglers, however, don’t have enough friends to fill the boat who can fishlike this, so, the open tuna boats will continue this summer and fall.

    However, shark trips? Is there any interest in running open boats for sharks? As you know, it’s mainly blue sharks (lots of them, 10-25 are common) with porbeagle, mako, and thresher but also lots of haddock. Just wondering?

    Two more months of this!
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    Post them here or on bloody decks. Let people know the dates and weather cancellation policy and you can probably book a few. That is how I get all of my destination trips.
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