One spot available on Seis Tuna Friday-Sunday Feb. 1st-3rd, 2008

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    Trip cancelled last weekend and I'm unable to make the rescheduled dates. :(

    One spot available on Seis Tuna Friday-Sunday Feb. 1st-3rd, 2008, on the Pelican. Two boats scheduled to go out - 13 on the Pelican and 12 on the G.E.)

    Cost $492 + Fuel (estimated at $115 each).

    Copy of information email dated 1/15/08 from TOO

    The reschedule dates are right before the new moon of the 6th and should be good for moon effecting the tuna bite.
    Last weekend both boats fished Diana/Hoover with 7 in one boat and 5 in the other. G.E. caught limits of YF and AJ for all seven people and the Pelican caught 10-12 YTF and some AJ's, and kingfish and shark back inshore. There is a lot of YFT at Diana/Hoover right now. If we do reschedule, lets hope they hang around for two more weeks.
    We will schedule a 7:30 departure time or as close to it as possible whether this weekend or on the 1st-3rd, to maximize tuna fishing time the second night. We did emphasize if the boxes are not full the boats will fish the second night until time to come in.
    DSH does want to stagger the departure times a bit, 30 minutes to an hour for fish unloading and so on. We did tell DSH that the idea is to put both boats catch together for the TFF, etc, etc.

    Please PM or call me @ 512-653-8038 for details

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    Just to try to keep confusion as low as possible, Drifter's spot is one of the 4 that we do not have firm commitments for from our post on boat sharing. Feel free to deal directly with Drifter is you want to, just let us know if you buy the spot so we can keep the list straight.