One of the biggest landbased GT's ever?

Discussion in 'International reports' started by John Cahill, May 12, 2017.

  1. John Cahill

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    Hi all - just back from the season closer at No Boundaries Oman. Aside from some insane GT fishing (56 fish for the crew for the week) we managed a good number of high quality GT's land based - not something that appears to have been done with great success in the past. There is no weight or length on my fish, we were not equipped so size is speculation but it's in the class of the biggest GT's I have captured (+-50kgs) - if it takes your interest have a look at the trip report and blog for lots more -

  2. cchris

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    Simply amazing. Can't say anything else
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    GARRIGA Senior Member

    I'll take a land based catch over boat every day of the week and twice on Sunday. Exceptional catch.
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  4. Kipi

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    Amazing feat... Looks like there's no shortage of structure as well. Good one mate!
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  5. HungryJack

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    I personally know of several fish in the 60-65 kg range that have been
    caught from shore with handlines and rod/reel.

    Below is a list of the 100lb club from Hawaii.
    There are 48 fish over 55 kg (121 lbs) on that list
    2 of them at 68kg
    and the largest at 71.36 kb or 157 lbs.

    Nice fish, but not a record.
  6. slowpicth

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    John ...great accomplishment , regardless of whether its a record or not :rolleyes:
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  7. John Cahill

    John Cahill Active Member

    Never in a million years thought it was a record - :)
  8. HungryJack

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    I assumed from your title, you thought it was close to a record from shore.
    One of the biggest is what gave me that assumption.
    "One of the biggest landbased GT's ever? "

    Nice fish either way.

    I think the shore thing is getting played out online already ;)
    I don't see anybody doing GT fishing from Belly boats or
    by Skishing. Lots of opportunity for record setting here.
    And would actually be quite challenging to accomplish.

  9. John Cahill

    John Cahill Active Member

    Yes @HungryJack title probably misleading. After fishing with Nate over there my appreciation for you shoreline anglers is huge
  10. Ethan Schaffer

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    Nice fish! Big difference catching GT with artificial lure (popper/stickbait) rather than dead (Tako, etc) or live bait using slide bait technique or paddling out 200 yards and dropping your bait to wait for a bite Hawaiian style. Traditional setup there is Penn 6/0 or 9/0 with heavy line, 12/-15/0 hooks. Set the baits, eat and drink all night and wait for a ringer on your giant cowbell hanging from your rod staked to the sand or rock if fishing South Point. Its a ton of fun and one of my favorite things to do but completely different. Much respect for your catch.

    Def could be one of the biggest land based surface lure fish and on spinner.
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