One Bonito.........

Discussion in 'Offshore Fishing Reports' started by Ice Cream Man, Apr 25, 2008.

  1. Ice Cream Man

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    When fishing with Mark Fishstalkers at the Liberty Ship caught several Blues ( released) & only one Bonito - trolling Yozuri DD - No fish busting the surface today......ICM

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  2. Snagged

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    We all have days like that.

  3. tbuckshot

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    Did you eat that oceanic bonito? Makes good sushi and really good fried, too.
  4. Phat Tuna

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    Nice bonito! Our favorite lure is a #3 clark spoon drail/planner/surface...change up the depth to find the sweet spot. Good eats!
  5. hatidua

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    I remember fishing the Liberty Ship one year with Capt Lee Parsons and the weather was so cold I was wearing a down jacket and insulated gloves...while fly fishing! I have some photos and it looks like it was snowing less than ten miles away. But, we caught a few bonito and carved them up on the dock with soy sauce and wasabi. Oddly, the afternoon of that very day was warm and we caught a bunch of drum inside.

    The photo from this post makes it look like the weather was a lot nicer than the time I did that location ;)
  6. bunile

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    I can make a BOINITO think it's a chicken if prepared and cooked properly. When they swim they think they are WAHOOS.