omoto jungle 5000 rebuild

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    alan chiu from prochallenger sent out another reel for me to look at. they've been out for quite a while. it's the jungle 5000.



    it's the spool is the same size as an ambassaduer 5000, but the design is that of the much more sturdy ambassaduer 7000.





    back out the three right side plate screws (no key #).


    the reel separates cleanly into three pieces.


    remove the three left side plate screws (key #8).


    remove the left side plate assembly (key #10).


    we're going to clean out the levelwind assembly, starting with the levelwind nut (key #25).

    remove the pawl (key #24), the spacing washer (no key #) and the levelwind nut (key #25) and set them aside.

    remove the lock plate (key #17).

    it falls apart pretty easily that this point.

    give the frame a light coat of grease.

    clean all the levelwind parts and lube them with xtreme reel +.

    carefully re-install the pawl (key #24) and make sure it seats properly.

    install the pawl washer (no key #).

    install the pawl nut (key #25).

    it should spin pretty freely.

    now, this part is tricky. you have to carefully pop the idler gear (key #13) to clean and lube the post underneath. if you're going to do this, we will have to figure out ahead of time which ambassasduer idler gear matches this one. i would recommend having a back up gear in case you mangle this one. it might be better to just drizzle lube on top and let it seep through.

    if you can clean it first, it will spin pretty well!

    remove the bearing lock clip (key #4).

    the bearing (key #5A) measures 3x10x4mm.

    remove the bearing retaining rings and shields, clean it with carb cleaner and compressed air, then lube it with xtreme reel +. leave the shields off.

    re-install the open bearing without the felt pad. the felt may help retain water.

    install the let side plate assembly (key #10) and the left side plate screws (key #8).

    now the bearing is cleaned out, the levelwind assembly is cleaned out, and the frame and side plate have a light coat of grease.

    servicing the spool (key #26) is very simple. brush a light coat of grease on the ends of the spool, i'll remove the brakes (key #28) for now, and lube the ends of the spool shaft.

    since we have the spool out, compare the size of this one versus a standard ambassaduer 5000. they are about the same.

    install the spool (key #26) into the frame assembly and set it aside.

    now we can service the right side plate assembly (key #40).

    turn the star (key #48) down a few turn to reveal the retaining tabs of the handle nut cap (key #45).

    gently push out the tabs of both sides and remove the handle nut cap (key #45).

    remove the handle nut (key #44) with a 7/16ths or 10mm wrench.

    remove the handle assembly (key #42).

    remove the spacer (key #49).

    remove the star drag (key #48).

    remove the two brake plate screws (key #47).

    remove the outer right side plate (key #40).

    take a moment now to note the proper position of the anti-reverse pawl (key #32).

    when you are putting this reel back together, make sure the pawl (key #32) is not backed off or crushed underneath the drive shaft assembly (key #52).

    let's pull the main gear assembly (key #54) off the drive shaft assembly (key #52) and take a quick look underneath. here you see the second of three anti-reverse mechanisms found in this reel.

    this is what the drag stack looks like, all layed out.

    let's throw some cal's drag grease on all the drag washers. don't worry about the extra grease. it simply squeezes out under the massive pressure in the drag stack and is taken out of play.

    reassemble the drag stack, making sure that you alternate fiber washers with metal washers, and keyed metal washers with slotted metal washers. also make sure that the anti-reverse pawl (key #32) has a good grip on the ratched gear of the drive shaft assembly (key #52).

    remove the right cast control cap (key #41), the three base washers (key #2), the felt o-ring (key #3A) and the right side plate bearing (key #5A). this bearing also measures 3x10x4mm.

    i've pulled the shields out of the bearing, cleaned it with carb cleaner and compressed air, lubed it with xtreme reel + and re-installed it open.

    install the right cast control cap (key #41) with the base washers (key #2) and don't crank the cap all the way down. let's leave out the felt o-ring (key #3a) because it will just hold moisture.

    take an old toothbrush and brush a light coat of grease on the inside of the outer right side plate (key #40). this will go a long way towards preventing corrosion down the line.

    shoot a small bead of grease into each side plate screw (no key #).

    almost forgot. brush a little grease around the brake plate assembly (key #31) as well.

    fit the outer right side plate (key #40) over the brake plate assembly (key #31) and install the brake plate screws (key #47).

    install the star drag (key #48) and turn it down until it clears the "shoulders" of the drive shaft assembly (key #52).

    install the spacer (key #49).

    install the handle assembly (key #42).

    install the handle nut (key #44).

    install the handle nut cap (key #45).

    drizzle a little xtreme reel + down the length of the pinion gear.

    install the right side plate assembly and tighten down the right side plate screws (no key #).

    adjust both spool caps to center the spool with "zero load, zero freeplay."

    and you're done!

    so basically what you're looking at is a narrow spool ambassaduer 7000. compared to the ambassaduer 5000 series, the omoto 5000 spool is heavier, the frame is more solid, and the drags are larger. you were probably wondering why i went through the trouble of cleaning out the levelwind assembly and bearings. with the new lube, i was able to spin the empty spool and get some incredible freespool times. when this reel was done, i gave the empty spool a spin and watched the leveler travel left, then right, then left again, then right again, then left, right, left, right, left, and then finally right. yup, the leveler traveled 10 lengths of the spool! it was fun to watch. alan
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    you know, i've had that reel for a year and have still not cracked it open. still swamped! alan