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  1. garbageband

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    Does anybody use Omega line winder? I'd love to hear opinion on this machine.

    - Does the machine come with tool to strip old line like Triangle Sport product does? If not, does it accommodate line stripper for Triangle?

    - Does the machine accomodate line spools with different size holes? ie: 3-5/8", 3/4", 7/8", 1-1/32"

    - I currently use Triangle HD-140. And use a metal rod (stripper shaft) frequently to transfer line onto an empty spool. Can I do something like this with Omega?

    - Spinning reels such as some Penn and Van Staal do not seem to fit onto the Spool Tech 9000. Is there any way to put line on those spool? Does Omega line winder accommodate attachments made for Triangle Sports line winders?

    - Does the machine handle very small baitcasters? Does the machine handle conventional reels with very long handles?

    - Overall, would Omega line winder completely replace Triangle HD-140 for all my tasks? Or should I still keep HD-140?

    I asked questions above to a person at Fishing Tackle Depot who is personal friend of Rick, the engineer of Omega. And he spoke with Rick, and gave me the answers to "Yes" to pretty much all the questions above.


  2. garbageband

    garbageband Senior Member

    Yup saw that one as well as Charkbait's. But I couldn't get answers on questions above. I'd love to hear opinion on Omega if anybody here uses them.
  3. JohnTFT

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    I have an Omega and two HD140 machines. The Omega is the better machine. It does everything that the HD140 does and faster. My favorite feature on the Omega is the reel chuck. It holds the reels secure and centers them perfectly very quickly.

    I would not get rid of my HD140 however. There are some oddball reels that just are better accommodated on the 140. Older Penn 130's and some of the Duel reels just fit better on the 140. You could easily mod the Omega to fit these reels but you see so few of them I am not sure if its worth it.
    I think the Avet 80 has the longest crank in the business and the Omega handles it with no problem. It will also do a Finnor 12/0 easily.

    Line stripping is much easier on the Omega. No threaded rod. There are two coned attachments where you can put any size spool in between and strip away. The attachments are interchangeable between the two machines. Your spool tech fits in your 140 it will fit in the Omega as well. I am working with Rick to make an improved fixture for skirt less spinning reels. Just waiting on some spools from VS to send to him. I still use my 140 on VS spools out of habit I guess.

    The Omega works on baitcasters no problem. I just find it easier to use the Triangle MD100 or SC125 on the smaller stuff as we have them on the front counter doing retail sales.

    All spools including the 10# Momoi spool fits on the machine. There are no small allen pins to move on the flywheel. The spool stop (keeping the spool from turning on the flywheel) mechanism on the Omega is slotted so that all spools align.

    If you purchase the Omega get it with the remote mounted valve control and see if Rick can put both the foot pedal and the stationary motor control on the machine. My Omega was one of the first machines and I have been updating many of the options with Rick for a year now. The new machines have to be the absolute best since the one I have is awesome.

    Here are some pictures of the newest version of the machine.

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  4. Kim

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    I want one!
  5. a1flyfishr

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    That looks like one awesome machine. But I think i'll keep my HD140 it's paid for.

  6. garbageband

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    John, thank you very much.
  7. Basil

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    It is amazing that one person has looked at the narrow focus of the linewinder market and put all of his energy into improving so many aspects of this tool.