Okuma Salina SA80 Question

Discussion in 'Reels' started by red34, Aug 12, 2008.

  1. red34

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    Have any of you guys ever had a Salina 80 break or malfunction in any way? I can get an excellent deal on one of these (2 for the price of 1 Cabo 80). I’ve read everything I can find on these reels and I can’t find anything really bad about them, other than being made by Okuma.

    I want a big spinning reel for 50-65# braid, but I don’t get to go offshore often enough to warrant spending $300-infinity on a spinning reel.
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  3. papio

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    I concur with mad marlin 90%. Definitely stay away from the conventionals. I never used one but a few buddies had them and weren't happy.

    I do however own the 65 & 80 Salina and are my favorite non-big name reels. Fact is the Salinas and Stradics are my first go to reels while my back ups are Saragosa and Stellas.

    If you can get them at a discount, I say get them. The reels are comfortable, smooth, and tuff. So far no problems with fish under 100lbs. The only issue I had with the reels is that it dosen't come with an extra spool, hehehe.
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    the paint chips very easily. after three trips they look brutal. i had a 40 and the tubular bail warped from being in the heat so long(looks melted). the drag is felt but feels great. for the money i wouldnt get one because you will need a new one every year or so. for a little more i would get a stradic 6/8k($160.oo on line) much better reel and can do everyhting the solina can do and more, plus last for 5 years if taken care of.
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    okumas are a bunch of crap the bails pull out very easily and i got a broken gear on a salina 80 i purchase fishing tackle for a local store in my country and trust me they are not worth half of the money,almost every one i purchased was returned to the store within a week by customers for defects
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    I lucked out with my Salinas so far. Still fishing them till they break.
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    If you "don't get to go off shore often enough" and want a 50 to 65lb braid capable reel don't jeopardize your expensive trip on any cheap reels or rods to me that is what does warrant spending the $$$.
    I don't own one but have heard good results out of the shimano saragosa reels
    I would just replace the drag washers out
  8. A.whitman

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    i have 2 saragosa reels and love then. but for the 6/8k size the stradic is a much nicer reel
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    I went with the Cabo 80. Ordered it w/ 65# pp and will try it out on a Fin-Nor offshore spinning rod that I posted about in the rods forum. I went this route because I was able to get a pretty good discount on the reel and the rod was basically free due to an old Bass Pro reel crapping out on me.

    Should be a nice working combo. I'll give a report on the rod since no one in the rod forum has had their hands on one. It's a steal of a combo if it works, hope it does!!
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    The Okuma would have given you these drag settings.
    But you wouldn’t have been able to hold on for long even at 20LBS

    Maximum Drag Pressure Ratings
    Vsystem and Salina Maximum Drag Ratings with DFD
    Size Max Drag (LBS
    Size-65 99-lbs
    Size-80 99-lbs