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Team Oso,

It really isn't that hard and it's a skill that has tons of rewards:

1. Getting exactly what you want, like a heavy spinner, rail rod or acid wrapped rod which might not be commercially available otherwise. You'll also be able to fit heavy rods to your body size and technique, which is a huge benefit if you run tons of drag.

2. The satisfaction of a job well done and using something you created yourself.

3. Better quality. Once you develop basic skills (which can happen on your first rod if you take your time and focus) you'll build a better product than almost any off the shelf rods.

4. Better knowledge about what you want in a rod and how you expect it to perform.

5. Ain't no better way to tackle ho than with a custom rod.

Other than Kirkman's book, you can purchase Dale Clemens "Advanced Custom Rod Building" book and I HIGHLY reccomend Doc Labanowski's "Custom Rod Building With Doc Ski" DVD available from www.mudhole.com. Doc's video focuses on offshore rods, and long range tuna stand-ups in particular.

Good suppliers are FTU (selection is limited), mudhole, and www.acidrod.com.

Oh, and if you get into rod building, do it for the reasons above, not to save money. It's tough to realize savings unless you can buy components wholesale or build ALOT of rods.

I hesitate to sick you on another forum, but the folks at rodbuilding.org are very helpful (it's run by the aforementioned Tom Kirkman), just really great people.
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