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  1. Capt. Al

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    Please forward this to the LCUDC e-mails
    especially to the CCA people.

    Council Members and friends,
    I contacted Tom of DEMA awhile back and he
    requested that I send him information on the
    removal of decommission platforms.
    From the letter and memo, you will find we have a
    new powerful ally in this battle.

    In the very near future, we have 2 very important
    matters coming up for public input.
    The Gulf Coast Council will be taking public input
    on the matter of declaring artificial reefs which
    would include decommission platforms as
    Essential Fish Habitats (EFH).
    NOAA will be taking public input on placing 7 to 9
    Caribbean coral species on the endanger list.
    Some of these corals are found on the platforms.

    I will be sending the links out soon and it is very
    important for you to comment on this 2 connected
    issues. If and when these corals are found to be
    endanger and then
    are found on a platform, what justification is there
    for removal the platform?

    See below a very good article on the platforms


    It is requested you forwarded this information to
    your individual mailing list.

    Terry Migaud
    LCUDC Sec/tre

    Towers Of Life - The Ecosystems of Offshore Oil and Gas Platforms in the Gulf of Mexico - YouTube
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  2. buddyclaude

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    Thanks Al for your efforts and dedication to the cause.

  3. tunatexas

    tunatexas Senior Member

    Thanks to everyone, working to save these Rigs!
    watching rigs being blown apart killing tons of snapper, grouper, ajs is JUST SICK!
    Hope we can wake up....
  4. matadordeatunes

    matadordeatunes Banned

    Tunatexas you're very right , its SICK to see all those great environmental habitats for all the fish species that we have in the GOM been blow it away . However like everything in this greedy world that we all live in , is all about the big $.
    I read somewhere that all this oil platforms are just leased from the Feds to Oil companies all over the world like BP . While oil rig is lease to whatever company won the bid they are responsible for the maintenance of the rig .
    after all leases are run off & the structure is no longer safe , the blowing & hauling process begins. So Our Fed Gomvt hires a Oil rigs demolition Co to do the job , so more $ exchanging hands.
    Do you think the Feds care about all the damage caused , do you think BP or any other Oil co cares what will happen , do you think the actual Demo Co cares what happens ? HECK NO ...They all what one thing $$$$$$ do they respect the OCEANS heck NO.
    Actually , I don't blame the Oil Co or the demo Co at the end of the day they are working for their bucks. Who allows the exploitation of our sea soil & tears it apart once is no longer useful ? you guys know that .
    If at least they would blow it from 100 ft up it might not cause so much damage to the environment , I don't want to get into politics as I hate them , but We all together are allowing to destroy & ban our fishing resources & again its all about GREEDINESS.

    BTW please if my facts are incorrect about oil rigs & all that stuff , PLEASE correct me if Im wrong I just read it . Oh I'm not an enviro , I'm just PASSIONATE about fishing & the beauty of all The Oceans in the world
    Like Tuna said , Thanks to all of those that are trying to prevent this "Massacre "
  5. Capt. Al

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    Good Afternoon

    Forgot to post this back in July. Been working with
    Dr. Sammarco since 2000 and really respect his
    opinion as well as his work.

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    I reported 'em
  9. day0ne

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    Not exactly correct. The Fed leases the ocean bottom to the oil companies. The rigs are built by the companies that win the lease, and they are responsible for maintenance. Once the rig is no longer producing or has reached its life expectancy, the Fed requires the rig to be removed within a certain period of time. The oil company is responsible for the removal. The Fed doesn't build or own rigs or hire demo companies to remove them. They just lease the ocean bottom to oil companies and require the removal of any non working platform.
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  10. Hammster

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    Spot on dayOne, I work for an offshore oil company. Not only do we have to plug the wells and remove the platforms...we have to remove everything 10 feet BELOW the mud line, and then drag the bottom with gorilla nets to remove every shred of debris after the removal. The sea floor is returned to the same barren wasteland that it once was. Very sad to remove the habitat. Trust me, the oil companies don't want to remove anything - it's more costly than leaving it in place, and it's eliminating valuable habitat. It's a stipulation in the lease, and BOEM/BSEE have all the power. If Hungry Jack responds, I won't respond back because I have him blocked.