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Ran a couple of overnighters this weekend. One on the glacier bay and the other on teh contender. Ths first one was the Gabe Galster group. Before dark it was a little slow as we put one 15 pound dolphin in the boat but as soon as the sun went down and the lights came on the fish started biting. We had fish on virtually every drift and were also catching football blacks all the time on jigs to replenish our chum supply. On the chum bite it was about a 2 to 1 ratio on yellows to blacks with the biggest yellows being around 60 pounds.

All the fish were caught on frenzy 6/0 hooks and Gabe hit about a 30 pound bull on a frenzy popper at night. We had three different fish eat 2 chunks at one time. It sure is easy to tag team in a 30 pound fish when your fighting them with two 30s at once. We quit about 4 am and headed for the dock with 14 yellowfin, 7 blackfin, and 2 dolphin.

The second overnighter would not prove to be as easy. As soon as we got to the rig the first cast of the angry popper yielded a dolphin. When it got dark we put two yellows and a black in the boat in short order. After that it got tougher. It was just one of those nights where nothing would go right. At one point we had lost 4 out of five fish. I know the other ones were tuna becuase I saw two of them and the others fought right. The one fish we landed in that group was a dang barracuda. I couldnt even break him off when I was jerking the rod around locking the drag down or anything. I wish all 60 pound leader was that tough.

We set out the sword lines for a couple hours just to get a little break. Had plenty of bait in the green light but no action. We went back to the rig around 4 am and between 4-5 we added another two yellowfin and 2 more blackfin.

At daybreak we started popping around and hitting rigs until we were 11 miles offshore. Saw a few fish busting by a rig so I tried chumming and in two drifts we hooked three fish and landed two including this pretty 70 pounder. At 11 AM in the morning we called it a night and headed to the dock with 6 yellowfin and a dolphin.
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