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I ran a couple overnighters this weekend with mixed results. I had Jimmy Campbell, his son, and his wife on the boat friday night. We headed out of red pass and headed to the west. First stop was for sword bait where we picked up a bunch of bar jacks. Then we headed south to noble lorris bouzigard. Started off trolling there and picked up some blackfin. Then we started the chum thing. It was pretty quick hitting there as we caught a limit of nine yellowfin and about 20 blackfin on chum in a couple hours. We had a couple good fish take us down into the cables. Jules caught her first three yellowfin of the night and then she laid down on the beanbag and was down for the count. Jimmy and his son then got in on the action and filled the rest of the limit quick on chunks of blackfin and 6/0 frenzy hooks.

We then sat down the sword baits about 90 miles offshore and took a little nap. We had one little bump on a hardtail but that was it as we picked up the baits at daylight and headed to the dock with a limit of yellowfin and 10 blackfin. When the yellowfin are running a little on the smaller side with a 40 pound average I like to drop down to lighter tackle and have some serious fun with them. We were using tld 25s on these fish and they were more fun like that.

We went out the following night with a mixed group of guys from Tn, Tx, and LA. We started out fishing right before dark at a floater inside of the bouzigard. We picked up two yellowfin right at sunset there both right at 40 pounds.

Then we ran out to the bouzigard and found them doing some kind of underwater work on the rig. Not sure what they were doing but whatever it was it ran the fish off. I was marking all kinds of turbulence on the sounder and no fish. We decided to drop down for swords and wait for the morning bite. This time we drifted about five miles with no knockdowns. Since there were no other floaters around we ran into shallower water and started dropping for blackfin. Caught four 20-25 pound blackfin on jigs before the sun came up. I dropped out the shaky baits then and put eight more blackfin in the boat in about 20 minutes before we headed in. I am heading back to my my normal haunts for this weekends night fishing.
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