Offshore Venice

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    Offshore Venice
    Just finishing up from friday and saturday down in venice. Friday with the given forecast I made the decision to run somewhat long to investigate the tuna bite. I picked up a small yellow immediately on a mullet and after that it slowed bigtime! Made two more moves to eventually come back to the first spot, picking up two more small yellows in the 30lb class along with blackfin.Slow day indeed. Saturday I had brett johns along with his buddy shane. The original plan was for wahoo but the wahoo had other plans. After going 0-7 on wahoo and almost pulling out my little hairs on my head, I decided to shift gears which turned out to be the best move of the day. I had been marking tuna while I was trolling and starting chunking in open water. At first the kings and sharks were thick and like a light swith the tuna showed. I pulled the hooks on the first one after the fish pulled about half the spool of a 50w. Started the process again and hooked up again! Thiry minutes later a fat 100lber hit the ice. At that time it was late and it seemed as everyone was hooked up all around me. A short while later we hooked up again and that would be another fish in the 100lb class. At around 4:30 we hooked up again and this fish was much different pulling hard straight out and not letting up. At the same time Capt. Hunter was hooked up to two yellows and screamed out on the radio that he had just hooked up to a large mako. The mako went airborne about a hundred yards off my starboard bow and I immediately grabbed my camera and started popping off shots. We fought our fish just the point of the sun going down. I guessed him around the 140lb mark being he was so thick. At this point fish were still hooked up all around me and with three solid fish aboard we sat back and just watched the show. The moon was shining bright overhead and the seas were building and there was a magic in the air. Capt. Peace was fighting a big yellow,Capt. Troy had three on, Capt. Rimmer was on a very large yellow as well as Capt. Josh. Capt. Hunter had his hands full and with a lot of team work which I will leave out the details to let Capt. Hunter tell the story himself. The mako was subdued and the tuna's were iced down for the ride home. The docks saturday night were covered with large tuna's and one very large apex predator that ate his last meal. My guests left venice with a 200 quart cooler full of beautiful tuna steaks and fond memories of a great day.The phenominal fishing proves that fishing Venice is a "MUST DO" on any offshore fishermans to do list. Give me a call to book your next adventure.
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    Man, cool pics!!! ...and great gaff job!

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    Nice report.
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    Nice Mako! Caught a few in Cali myself.Great job Guys!