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    Sitting here this morning having a cup of joe and I can't help but think that the last two weeks have been filled with times of absolute insanity and times when I asked myself, What in the hell did just happened? I have had a string of good trips followed by trips when I had a hard time just lighting a smoke,Loosing baits at a alarming pace, Fowl hooking mata ray's to everything going wrong all at once! I thought that after my penance from the last two weeks that this saturday would go off without a hitch but shorty after leaving the dock and entering the river I blew a lower unit and limped back to the dock disgusted and wondering did I run over a black cat? Uhh, was the lady I flipped off in New Orleans traffic a voo-doo witch doctor? Humm, I don't know. Oh well, I was able to contact my buddy in houma and a few hours later he showed up with a fresh lower unit and I was able to pull off sunday and well, it turned out just fine. Mr. Heisser along with his sons and nephews hung around for one more day and we ended up with six wahoo and one blackie. It was nice to see a smile on the boys faces as they reeled in their first wahoo's and made fun of each other. The fishing continues to be consistant and with the approach of the full moon I am going to light candles, hang garlic strings off of my outriggers and make a visit to Madamm Lavoe in N.O. to make sure all of the little gobblins are gone. I have some dates open this month. Give me a call if you would like to go. Enjoy the pics!
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    nice job capt

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    so you and Eddie both blew lower units on Sat morning? that is one sh**ty coincidence!
    great shot of the manta. new wallpaper!
    tight lines and no Voodoo.....
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    So how did you manage getting the Manta unhooked??? I can see where that would have the potential to get hairy in a hurry!
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    There was no way to get the lure back. If anyone sees a manta jumping with a pink stretch its mine.