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I have been running trips for about the past week. Most on the glacier bay but I did run a sword trip on the contender in which I managed to forget my camera. They have all kind of blurred together but it seems like the dolphin are hitting anythign and everything you put in the water. Which is a good thing unless your trying to catch the tuna that just arent quick enough to beat the dolphin to the bait. I have been starting most trips by trolling around and picking up some dolphin and wahoo on the Illand Black hole. I think I might like it better then the illander. The wahoo have been running on the small side although I did hit a 40 pounder on monday.
The best tuna day I had was saturday with Heaths group. It was no coincidence it was also the worst dolphin day I had so I could actually get my baits back to the tuna. We hit five yellowfin that day on cut up blackfin. We also had a nice marlin on for about 2 hours on 60 pound leader that we got about 4 feet from the boat but couldnt get him to come any closer before we popped him off.

I ran an overnighter wed night where we waylayed the dolphin with 16 and had a couple yellows and some blacks. I set up for swords that evening as well and hooked up two fatties. Both of which managed to pull the hooks about 15 minutes into the fight.

Heres some pics for enjoyment.

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Good catches eddie. The dorado sure are thick down there right now.
That is some serious dodo action. Great job Eddie!
Great job Captn, and thanks for the report.

I wish I am fishing right now :rolleyes:
My buddies and I got together tonight to discuss the trip, and it was our consensus that while we would prefer to get into yellowfin, a boatload of dolphin would not hurt our feelings either.

the problem is getting the bait past the dolphin to the tuna
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