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I had the Tim hanus group in for a couple of days. The first day had bad weather so we headed out to some nearshore rigs and caught, kept, and released a bunch of fish on light tackle. We probably caught 50 red snapper that had to go back because they are out of season. We did keep 21 lanes, about 30 white trout and one nice grouper. The next day was a bluewater trip though and thats what gets the heart pumping. We started out trolling the lump with rapalas and mirrorlures and caught 6 blackfin. I decided to drop anchor and see what would happen and of course we only caught one blackfin chumming. We picked up the anchor and rolled to the west looking for a ripline. We jumped on it and immediately picked up a couple blackfin. I kept trolling down the line and then all heck broke loose as all three lines went off with wahoo. One of the three pulled off the but the other two came in the boat includings Rick's 60 pounder on a shimano torium 30 and trevala rod. We called it a day there and headed in with 9 blackfin, and two wahoo.

On friday I had a last minute group from Tennessee call so we headed on out to do some more wahoo fishing. Of course I couldnt find the ripline again and ended up fishing an area of rigs with about 4 other boats. I picked up two wahoo out of here. One on a pink mirrorlure and the other on a orange/black marauder. After this I made the decision to head way off to the west and that proved to be a mistake. The highlight of that detour was a 47 pound king mackeral. I ended up heading back to the north and stopped at a rig in 190 feet of muddy brown water. I dropped in the stretchs and made a pass and double knockdown with two wahoo in the boat. Hmm three more passes and two more wahoo in the boat and we called it a day with six wahoo, one big king, and two blackfin.

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