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It has been a long week in venice. I have been fishing everyday the last 6 days with a variety of people. The fish started off hot but slowed as the week went on although we were still putting fish in teh boat. The best day was seven yellowfin with two over 100 and 2 wahoo. I also struggled with the Ronnie Locke group and put two 55 pound wahoo in the boat and two blackfin. Overall the weather was nice for five of the six days. I just kinda lost my groove for a day or two and struggled.

I had Lee and his crew on friday and we never even got a fish on a chunk. We saved that day and got everybody their first tuna on the troll as we caught three yellowfin on daisy chains and two blackfin on diving baits. The crew got a kick out of watching the yellowfin blow up on the squid chain.

Todd Hanslick got stuck with the one day that was bad weather. The current was rolling so hard that I tried anchoring 4 times and was unsuccessful 4 times. Luckily Scott Avanzinos crew got sick and they headed home and let me take up a position on their anchor. We put in a pair of yellowfin and 4 blackfin that day.

Heres some pics from teh week.

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