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    I have been running a few trips here and there out of venice when the weather is nice. Overall the fishing has been good. I went fun fishing to start with my friend Ron. Started off a little slow but picked up in the mid day as we got on a good bite of footballs mixed in with some good fish. We were using live hardtials on 80 pound frenzy flouro at a rig about 40 miles out. The first fish in the boat were all footballs before we got some bigger ones to bite. I did catch a decent fish on an oti jig as well that went about 30 pounds.

    I went out friday on my boat with some Chris and his three sons as well as Kevin. Started off on the shrimpers with nothing happening so I rolled long to a floater. It was slow out there so I came on back to the shrimpers to find them on fire with blackfins. The kids were having a blast pitching whole pogies and live hardtails to the blackfin swarming my boat. We caught 19 blackfins in a little over an hour before the guys called uncle and we headed back in.

    I had a day trip on monday with capt Dan Kelly and friends from south tx. Bait was easy to make as we headed to our first spot. Live baited up a bunch of barracudas which wasnt in the plan before we switched to chunking. Got one good yf on a chunk but it was slow so we made a moving decision. On the way to our next spot we ran into a floating barrel which was slapass loaded with good dolphin. I took the lures off my oti jigging rods and started pitching chunks to them and tearing them up. We caught 8 really nice dolphin and 6 more good ones for a total of 14. After that we tried for tuna a little bit before we stopped on the way in for a nice aj.





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    Thanks again for taking time to Post reports.

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    Very nice report, good job
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    I am glad to see that things are still going good out there, hopefully the bite will still be good when I get out that way. Nice report!!