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I have been fishing a good bit since the end of snapper season with some overall good success. the blue water came back and bought lots of tuna with it as well. The end of snapper season was good as well. The tuna are now sitting on most of the rigs out there and eating threadfin and little hardtails as well as chum. The bait was so thick out there for a while at a couple rigs that all I had to do was stop the boat and start sabiking under my boat. At any given point I would have a 1000 hardtails relating to my boat. The highlights of the run were a 72 pound aj which flat out kicked the anglers butt. Also one of my guys managed to jig up a 50 pound yf on an oti jaeger jig which was pretty cool. All of the live baiting and chunking was done with 60 pound frenzy flourocarbon. anyways heres the pics so enjoy.




Well end up the pics with that very excited dude.
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