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    I ran a couple trips this weekend. Had a private boat trip on friday with tuna as the request. We headed out the pass and hit the motherload of threadfin schools. Got all baited up quickly and then worked along the shelf looking for tuna. Couldnt find anything but a blackfin so we decided to make a quick run out long and see what was going on. We were on a tight schedule with airline flights so we only had a little while to fish. Pulled up and missed one on a popper and then a little while later doubled up on 50 pounders. Fished another half hour and headed to the house. Lee was also out there and he managed to go 3-6 on tuna also using threads.

    I had a daytrip the next day and we woke up to thunder and lightning. I kinda figured tuna fishing was out of the question so after a quick radar look we headed off to the east for bottom fishing. Couldnt find any live bait but it didnt make a difference. I think we caught about 18 ajs on dead pogies. We were holding position about 50 yards off the rig and catching 4 ajs at a time. All of which were pretty nice fish. After the guys got all beat up and worn out I went on the hunt for snappers. They were kinda hard to find. We did keep catching ajs at all the rigs we went too. Finally managed to get away from the jacks and started picking away at the snappers in between shark bites. Ended up the day with 12 snapper and 6 ajs.

    Lee went back out on an overnighter that night and got onto a good topwater bite. He said the fish were jumping everywhere and I think they ended up putting 6 of them in the boat. They also caught a couple nice dolphin as well. I didnt get any pics from his trip yet.