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Discussion in 'Offshore Fishing Reports' started by CaptEddie, Jul 14, 2009.

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    Ran a couple trips this weekend even managed to finally get into a good mess of tuna on an overnighter. Had Richard Walker and his crew on friday with a tuna mission. Ran out long to a rig which I was hoping would be holding some fish with no luck we did snag a blackfin on a jig but overall it just blew. Went to plan B which was a success. Ran back in to some shallower water rigs and put a quick limit of ajs in the boat using live threadfin. Kinda felt bad using that good of bait for ajs but I couldnt help but do it. After that we headed to a snapper spot and put a 6 man limit of snapper in the boat up to about 10 pounds or so and included a bonus gag in the box.

    On sat night I had Cliff Hoyubec and crew in for their annual overnighter. I was a little worried about it because the tuna bite had been slow but we rolled out extra long to some floaters and pulled up to busting yellowfin. We missed the first three on poppers and one on live bait before we tripled up with two on livies and one on a popper. Got all three of those. Kept picking away at them on livies until around 630 in the evening when they shut off. Before they quit biting we put 7 yf in the box though. The night bite was slow so we headed in for some bottom fishing and put another limit of ajs in the boat along with the usual limit of snapper.


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    Nice report and great job.
    How far out is the blue water still?


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    Any signs of the Blue Water making its way in closer??
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    Still a good ways out I wasn't in blue water