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I fished a day trip and two nights this weekend and Lee fished one overnighter. All the trips were fairly productive with a couple stellar ones. Lees trip was supposed to be an overnighter but they had their limit of 15 yf tuna by dark which is always a good problem to have. They stayed around after dark and jigged up some more blackfin but they called it before daylight and headed in.

I had Bridget and her son on friday in from tampa and they wanted some fresh yf tuna. We started out trolling and picking up a couple blacks before I made the move to chunking with the blackfin. First drift was a single and the 2nd was a double. They slowed a little after that but we still had our limit of 6 yf by noon. The two biggest were about 80 and 60 pounds with the rest being 30-40 pounders. All of the fish were caught on chunks of blackfin on 60 pound flouro or 80 mono.

I had an overnighter with Jimmy Campbell and friends on fri and the goal was to catch yf before dark and then swordfish. The yf started off by kicking our butt as we went 1-5 to start the afternoon. Three broke off and one pulled the hook. After that fiasco things returned to normal as we landed the next 4 yf that bit before the evening bite shut down. We caught the fish on a mixture of poppers and chunks. We had some beautiful conditions for swording but no bait at all around the boat and no hits either.

I ran out on a private 33 contender on sat night with a swordfish goal again. We hit a ripline in the late afternoon and picked up 4 dolphin to 30 pounds and one wahoo. We rolled on to the west and set up in much better condtions. We had squid around the boat all night long. The fishing for swords was slow again though although we did release a small sword around 2 in the morning. The strange thing about this night were the smallish makos. We caught and released two makos under 50 pounds. They were all lit up and beautfiul and I hope to see them when they get older.

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