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I think I ran my last overnighter of the season on friday night With Gabe Galster and crew Not cause the fishing is bad though just the weather. We finished up with the strongest trip of the overnighter season. We left out around 11 and made bait at a rig. Fished in close for a half hour or so and landed one fish about 30 pounds. The decision was made to go out to the final destination. We rolled south and got to the rig around 3 in the afternoon. The first half hour was slow and we picked up one 30 pounder on a livie. Then like a light switch the last 2 hours before dark was a slaughterfest. I couldnt even get one live bait out before we had a fish on. I did manage to get two baits out 3-4 times and everytime was a double hookup. the fish started off small and ended up big. The first five fish of the trip we caught were 30 pounders. 12 of the next 15 were over 60 pounds. Everyone was getting in on the action and we were even jiggin up yellowfins with the knife jigs.

All of the fish were biting on live hardtails on 80 pound line with frenzy 7/0 circle hooks. By the time night rolled around we had 14-15 fish in the box. We just needed a couple more to finish out our limit so we started chunking with blackfins. The yellowfin showed right up and we were handfeeding them in the slick. It wasnt quite as fast as with live bait but by 730 we had put number 18 in the box and released a handful of yellowfin as well. The decision was made to go swordfishing. We headed north and set up our spread. We drifted about 2-3 hours with no luck and headed to the barn to get eveything cleaned up. A lot of the bigger tunas had mullet in their stomachs and I saw plenty of mullet in my green light while I was swordfishing.

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