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    Ran a trip sunday and monday with the lutz family. IT was Grant, Mark and their mom on the boat. We headed out sunday looking for some wahoo to start with and of course they didnt want to play so we headed on over to the tuna spot and ran into king mackeral city. We plugged through some kings and eventually started putting some fish in the box. Grant did manage to get a nice wahoo on 80 pound flouro. Around one we had 2 yellows, 2 blacks and a wahoo in the box when the bite just went insane. Every bait we were putting back was getting eaten by a tuna of some sort. In 2 hours we put 9 more blackfin in the box as well as 2 more yf. Mom even got in on the action with her first yf. At the end of that rally the boys were just plain worn out so we headed to the house to regroup for day two.

    On monday the wahoo sort wanted to play. They would bite and run and then come off Very frustrating mornign as we went 1-5 on wahoo. We did catch some blacks on the troll too and just as we started to chunk the weather went south and we had to head to the house. The wind went from 10 knots to 25 knots almost instantly.






    I threw the last picture in to show some dirty water wahoo action from monday.
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    That's an awful blue fish for such green water........
    Venice amazes me!

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    still did good eddie! hope the weather gets better by saturday

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    Capt. Eddie, you are getting my Big-E money, just not for a year. See you in Late Feb.