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Ran a couple trips in the last week. Capt Lee went on an overnighter with Kevin Arnold on their 33 contender last weekend. they decided to head long and head long they did. the night bite was actually kinda slow but the evening and morning bite more then made up for it. As they put 11 yf in the box to about 80 pounds. Most of the fish were caught on live bait but one bit the dust on a popper.

I ran a day trip tuesday with my friend Mike Vales on his boat. We headed out for some tuna and some tuna we got. We played around with the wahoo in the morning and put one of those in the box and then we got down for some serious chunking. The first drift was a dry run but the 2nd drift was an instant hookup. We hooked up on 80 pound frenzy flouro and the fish was off to the races. All the guys got in on the fun as the fish fought for about an hour and 20 minutes. Eventually we stuck the gaff in a 161 pound yf. Made another dry drift before we hooked up again and this time Nick put a solo effort in on a 157 pounder.

We were about to leave and hooked a big mako which put on a great show before he popped the main line an hour and a half into the fight. Hopefully I will get the pics pretty soon of the aerial battle.

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