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    I ran a trip on the palmetto on saturday with Pete Wooster and friends We ran off to the east to look for the wahooters. First couple of rigs were dry runs and then we found a little bite. Caught a decent jack on the first pass then the 2nd pass we doubled up on wahoo. We landed both of those and while we were putting the baits out I saw another wahoo sky rocket behind me and I thought it was on. Never got another bite off of that oil rig. It was a strange day like that. Every rig I got bites off of I either got a single or double on the first pass and then nothing. We ended up going 3 for 6 on wahoo and also caught a blackfin trolling. We had three hits on pink stretch 30s and three hits on an orange/pink braid marauder.

    The blackfin ate a mirrorlure.

    All of the bites came in the morning and then the afternoon bite was just dead.

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    Thanks for the report,
    Fishing is fishing.

    Those are 3 fine tasty Wahoo..and fat BFT.

    Safe trip, Fish to fight, cooler of fine fresh fish that you can not get from Krogers.

    I'd say the glass is more than half full.:D


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    I'm going to try that next year.