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    The wahoo bite continues to be solid out of venice and the size remains impressive. I had J.W. and his friends in on thursday and friday. we headed out in some nice seas and had an extremely slow start. It seemed like everything I tried just plain did not work. We finally caught a blackfin trolling and then around 130 we ran into a school of yf and caught a 70 or so pounder on a popper. We could see the wahoo jumping as well so we knew it was about to turn on and turn on it did. Using a orange/yellow stretch we slaughtered the wahoo. In the space of one hour we put 11 wahoo in the box including one triple header At one point we couldnt actually get back to the oil rig before we would be hooked up. It was one of the most insane wahoo bites I have ever seen.

    We went out the next day and this time they never did show up. We put one wahoo in the boat and a yf. We also broke off a 150 plus yf on a popper at the boat.

    The fish wanted virtually nothing to do with pink as we caught 10 out of 11 fish on orange and only one on pink.