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    Went on a couple of private boats this week and had some super hot action on football yf. I started off on Mike Vales 30 foot grady looking for wahoo. No wahoo to be found yet but we caught a couple of kings which went into the box for some later use. After about an hour and a half of nothing productive we decided to roll south to a new floater (didnt actually know it was there, found it on a way to a different rig) Pulled up and doubled up. One yf on a jig and one yf on a chunk of king mackeral. It was pretty much like that the rest of the afternoon. The fish were biting on 60 and 80 pound flouro and were feeding very well. We caught another yf on an oti jaeger jig and one on a popper but teh majority of the fish came on chunked kings or chunked skipjack. I was using 7/0 circle hooks and the tuna were hitting unusually close to the rig. We ended up with our limit of 9 before we headed to the house. the pic at the dock is bad because of the fog.


    The following day I had Keith Lear on his 33 contender out. He had all his employees along for a christmas present to them. Decided to go back to the same rig we were at the day before. They were absolutley on fire. While the guys were trying to catch bait off the rig I walked to the bow and fired a popper and had a yf on the first cast. That could be a good sign. The popper bite died kinda quick but we did put 3-4 yf in the boat on poppers. on the first chum drift we caught 4 yf and that just continued. We actually were hooking a few fish as we drifted past the rig. The last few weeks have seen the fish holding closer to the rig then during the summer months. The guys were having a blast on the 20-30 pound fish as most of them were caught on 80 flouro with 7/0 hooks. We ended up quitting at 1130 with 21 yf in the box and went to try for marlin with no nibbles.

    The reason the pic only shows 19 is cause one of the guys started cleaning fish before I could get my camera out LOL

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    good job eddie.

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    are they holding close to the rig because of marlin?
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    Nice report.