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Discussion in 'Offshore Fishing Reports' started by CaptEddie, Dec 8, 2008.

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    Had a really good trip with Rex Paul and friends from Florida on saturday. The weather was a little iffy but we decided to hit it anyways. Headed out the pass to some decent seas so we headed long and didnt stop till we were 55 miles out. Caught three livies at the rig and were setting up when a marlin chased some bait up to the boat. Threw out a livie and the small blue inhaled it and put on a show. Fought him for about 30 minutes before we pulled a palm beach release.



    A little while later we had a school of dolphin swim up. We managed to pick off most of that school with chunks of blackfin before the rig informed us we needed to move so they could test their water cannon. Being that it was a little cool to be getting soaked we ran south a little to a spar rig. Soon as we got there another school of dolphins moved up and we picked off 7 of these before they swam away. All of them were caught using chunks of blackfin and 7/0 circle hooks.

    We got some more bait off the rig and set em out. Rex was first up and he nailed a 100 pound class fish on a live goggle eye. No more hits on livies so we jigged up some more blacks with oti jaeger jigs and got to work on a chunk line. The 2nd drift we made we doubleup with two solid fish. The first one was landed by richard and went well over 100 pounds. His sons fish followed that one in and was a nice 85-90 pounder.

    Made a few more drifts and caught two more nice yf before the seas really started picking up and forced us to go in about 130 or so. It was a long slow,cold, wet ride back to the dock but we made it in with 12 dolphin and five yellowfin.






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    Nice meat haul!

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    Smoking load of fish.

    Eddie, I do appreceate your reports and just as much as you describe the
    terminal tackle used...

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    Great Report.
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    Dang I want to catch a Mahi,

    Nice pics and report.
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    very productive day. coming in early aint too bad either