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Discussion in 'Offshore Fishing Reports' started by CaptEddie, Oct 28, 2008.

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    I fished with Rex Paul and his crew from Florida on saturday and sunday. We headed out with the idea of big fish on shrimpers. Well the shrimpers were there but the big fish werent. The first shrimp boat was in dirty water and was covered in big sharks. I dont think I would have lasted long had I fell in the water. they were all over the surface sucking in bycatch. Rex nailed a nice blackfin on an OTI jig and my new OTI jiggin rod. That rod is a beast of a jigging rod compared to teh shimanos. WE picked up a total of three blacks off that boat before we started heading out and ran into another shrimper in cleaner water this one was slapass loaded with jumbo blacks. We caught a few on chunks and live bait but the most fun with them was flipping livies on the oti jigging rod up to the transom of the shrimpers and just hold on as the blacks were tearing it up. It was dissapointing to not find any of the yellows on the boat but we still had a blast and bought 16 jumbo blackfin back to the dock.

    On day two we decided to head to the rigs. Made the run out to the east only to find plenty of porpoises at the first floater and no fish. Ran west from there to another rig and found nothing but small tunas on oti jigs. At this point it was around noon and we still hadnt had a decent fish on so we ran south from there to another rig and this was where we found some fish. Lost a good one right off the bat and then picked up a couple football yellows and some nice dolphin on chunks. It was getting late and the last two drifts produced a pair of 60 pound yf so we called it a day and beat it in just before dark.




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    Eddie, you're always catching tuna! I am looking forward to the January trip!


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    nice report
    looks like a fun day fishing
    glad to see you like the OTI stuff, even for bait fishing
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    Eddie, I'll be there in a few days.