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    I fished fri and sat with a couple of fun groups. I had Brian Wesneske and his friends on fri. we started out by making live bait and catching one football yf on that. That was slow so we made the switch to chunking and it was on. Using frenzy 60 flouro and 7/0 circle hooks we quickly put 11 more yf in the box before we decided to make a move and look for some bigger tunas hopefully. It was one of those days when the plan worked. The next stop we put a 60 pound fish in on the first drift. We made another drift and doubled up this time putting another 60 pounder in the box and landing a 125 after about a 45 minute fight. we called it a day after that with 15 yf in the box and one dolphin.

    I had Tim Gilmore and his group on the boat on sat. There were 4 kids and 2 adults. I figured it would be easy to go get some more footballs for the kids to fight. Wrong didnt even get a bite at the first rig. Moved to my plan b and still no bites. I think I made it to plan d before I had a nibble. We found a shrimpboat and it was game on from there. The first two casts of poppers yielded a double hookup on big blackfins. There were also yf in the mix as well and we hooked and boated a 90 pounder before some big boys showed up and taught us a lesson. One fish came up tailwrapped and broke off at the boat. It was easily a 150 plus. Another fish actually ripped a tiagra 30 off of the reel seat. I took it in to my tackle guy today and he mentioned that he had not seen that happen yet. should be covered under warranty but it cost us a stud of a fish.

    After that I broke out the 50s and we put a 140 pound yf in the cooler and called it a day. We ended up pulling 16 bf tuna and 2 yf off the boat. most of the blacks came on topwater poppers.



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    when do you do swordfish ?

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    Preferably in the summer due to calm weather but I will do it anytime of year as long as I get a weather window.
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    Thanks for the report.

    Love those long cycles.
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    i wish i had been there for that topwater action!!! bad ass. nice to be on the water after the storms right.