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Discussion in 'Offshore Fishing Reports' started by CaptEddie, Oct 2, 2008.

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    Finally got out on the water after quite a long while off. Ran out on a cutomers 31 contender and had some beautiful conditions. We hit a close in floater first with no luck before we headed long. Looked around teh rig a little and put the baits out. While we were letting the first bait out a 60 pound yf jumped out of the water and ate the bait. About 10 seconds later the other bait got hit as well and we were doubled up and very happy at that point. We landed both of these fish and continued to pick away at the tuna until we had 7 in the boat all from 60-70 pounds. We called it a day and rolled to the dock at 45 mph.

    On day two it was almost a repeat as we doubled up on our first two baits out again. We landed both fish adn then it slowed down a little again. We put two more yf in the box and decided to header to some different places. No more yf hit the box but we did get 4 nice dolphin to add to it.

    On monday I went out with my friend Ron on his boat the "Hammer" This was the first day out of the three we didnt double up on the first two baits. Although the first bait did produce a nice 60 pound fish. We caught a couple more tuna then some debris floater by and we slayed the dolphin on it. WE pulled 25 dolphin from 10-20 pounds off of it before we let the rest of the school swim on its merry way. We headed back to the rig and caught a couple more yf before we headed to the house with 6 yf and 25 dolphin.




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    nice report Eddie, way to get em.

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    nice report Eddie, way to get em.
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    Capt. Eddie,
    I want to set up a trip, sometime after I get through the shows in January.
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    I mean YF yeah... but would you look at those dolphin!!!... Thats when it is time to pull out the bay rods and let them fight!
    Nice Eddie!