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    Had some nice overnighters last weekend that I am just getting the pics from so I can post up now. With the river being shut down we pretty much had to fish on the west side which worked out just fine. I had Luis Martinez and friends on thur night and we headed straight south to a fixed rig and stuck out. Didnt find any fish until the 4th rig we went to and then it was on. Caught a couple dolphin on poppers and live bait and then the tuna showed up hard. Ran out of threadfin but it didnt make a difference as they started chomping on chunks of bonito. Right at dark we hit a 100 plus yellowfin to top off the trip. We did pick away and caught a couple more after dark but it slowed way down. We headed to the house with 7 yf and three dolphin in the box.

    On sat night I had John Edwards and crew on the boat. We went straight out to the good rig from the previous trip and found the bite slower but still solid. Using chunks instead of live bait we caught 8 before dark. We had two separate triple hookups and caught 5 out of 6 with the only loss being a pulled hook. The fish shut down at dark again so we napped until morning time and woke up to 7 boats at the rig. WE dipnetted a flying fish at first light and it got hit about 3 feet from the boat. We actually got splashed by the fishes strike. We nailed that one which was about 80 pounds. about 45 minutes later right when we were about to pick up the lines to head in Todd Hanahan hooked up on a chunk and passed the rod off to a friend. Knew right away that we had a solid fish on. The angler did a great job and he put a 119 pound yf in the boat in about 40 minutes. We ended up that trip with 10 yf and 1 dolphin.

    On monday I had my good friend Wily Horton on the boat it was a little snotty on the way out and it got super snotty out in the blue water with an opposing wind/current situation. Tried to fish in it but it was a stuggle as we picked up 4 dolphin at a bouy. Headed to the dock expecting to fish hard the next two days with Wiley but both ended up being cancellations. Actually had to cancel 4 out of the last 5 days while standing at the dock in the morning. Been some nasty storms every morning.





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    nice report

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    Great pics Capt. Eddie! Thanks for sharing