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Ran a sword trip and a tuna trip this week. Both were equally productive with a lot of action. Me and Ron took his boat out for swords on wed night and got into a mess of them. First fish to the boat at 8 pm that night. We released him to grow a little bigger. It ate a squid on a blue/green electralume about 150 feet down. While we are resetting our lines the 200 went off and we had our first fish on the purple electralume. It was another pup so we released him as well.

While we are resetting the 200 line it went off again and we had a good fish on this time. After about a 20 minute battle we stuck a nice fat sword in the boat so at least we had some sword steaks for dinner tonight. In the next 30 minutes or so we had two more clean releases on pups and the action was done by 930. The only other action we had was two hammerheads and a brown shark. We caught two on the 100 foot line, one on the 150 and two on the 200.

On sat morning I had Robert Weaver and crew ready to go about 530 in the morning. We made one stop at the boat show and left to go south to another rig. It was a slow but steady pick here with most of the fish coming on chum. One of the highlights of the day was watching a blue marlin try to eat a frenzy popper twice on the same cast. Unfortunatly he missed it both times and never came back. We were using the standard frenzy 6/0 hook in red with a solid hookup to land ratio of five for five. Most of the fish were 55-60 pounds but we did put an 80 pounder in the boat on Jimmies grouper rod. He was certain his grouper rod would do better then my tiagra 30s on standups so we let him use it. After the first fish kicked his butt on it he said no more.

On the way in I passed by a shrimper and picked up a half dozen blackfin on topwater poppers real quick. They were going ballistic on teh frenzy poppers
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