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    Ran a couple overnighters last week with Dan Smith and friends.* We headed south on the first night and as soon as we got to the rig we put a 30 pound dolphin in the boat.* Thought it was looking good at that point.* Started waiting till dark for the yf to get active and it just never happened.* We chunked our butts off all night and only caught blackfin.* These guys put a whupping on the blackfin like I have never seen and I ended up cleaning around 40 of them the next morning not counting the ones we saved to chunk the next night.On night two we decided to head a different direction and got to our rig of desire right around nightfall.* The bite was a little better over here although it wasnt on fire.* WE managed to chunk up five yellowfin during the night and caught a bunch of blackies.* Around 4 am I made a move to a closer in rig for the morning bite and found myself in green water It was kind of wierd because there was not a bit of surface current and we ended up staying in one spot for about 45 minutes and just picked away at the yellowfin on chunks.* Caught 2 yf on the 50 wides and then the guys hooked up with their light tackle and caught one on a torque and another on a penn 8500.* After we landed those two fish on light tackle we took it to the house and called it a trip with 9 yf.[​IMG]